Grow with Confidence

Lead the way.

It’s the only approach at Beene Garter. And that’s something we can get behind. The results of our partnership speak for themselves. Market awareness is up. Business leads are up. And website traffic is exploding.

Staying ahead of the curve

When Beene Garter partnered with us—the first step was research. In-depth market research. Once we reviewed the data, the opportunities and pitfalls became clear. Together we developed a multi-pronged approach that began with a brand refresh and new photo direction. We then added a new and improved website that more compellingly conveyed the Beene Garter story while allowing them to leverage the depth of their industry expertise, several broad-reaching brand-level campaign tactics for market awareness, a digital marketing campaign and email strategy and then highly-targeted direct marketing approaches within specific key industry niches.

Numbers that tell a story

An updated look and revitalized content delivered a 77% growth in new web users, a 45% increase in sessions, an 82% increase in pageviews, a 25% increase in pages per session, and a 50% decrease in bounce rate.

Even more impressive, the organic search realized a 77% increase, direct search increased by 34%, and email-generated traffic increased by 43%. Meanwhile the click-through-rate from digital ads increased 195% year-over-year and form fills improved by 366%.