The great outdoors

Some people think that we advertising people are nerds.

Some people would be right. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the outdoors, so when Jay’s Sporting Goods reached out to us, we got…geeked. Jay’s Sporting Goods started out of a one-car garage and now operates from two full-scale locations in Clare and Gaylord. Jay’s connected with us because they had grown their operation – not just in size and location, but in their merchandise, their team, and their overall business acumen.

We partnered with Jay’s to rejuvenate their website to reflect that growth in their online presence. We employed breathtaking photography that fully conveys the wonder of the outdoors, bold typography and line drawings, and clean-cut photos of their merchandise. We highlighted the connection between the supplies and the thrill of the outdoors because Jay’s doesn’t just sell sporting goods, Jay’s sells the tools for adventure.