Your Satisfaction is their driving force

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

That’s why Hoekstra has been in business since 1928. For 90 years, they’ve worked with trusted manufacturers to give their customers the best of the best for products and services. At Hoekstra, your satisfaction is their driving force. Hoekstra was looking for a complete brand overhaul, so we redesigned and simplified their brand architecture, and created a new logo for each branch of the business. Both are fresh, clean, and more versatile – yet still embody the solid and reliable history of Hoekstra. The new logos represent the new Hoekstra brand, while maintaining their legacy and symbolizing forward movement into the future.

In the end, it meant creating two brands: Hoekstra Transportation and Hoekstra Equipment. We promoted this duality within their new websites as well — adding photography that showed off their long lasting products and commitment to customer service, with an easy-to-use layout. This branded house structure positioned Hoekstra for a future of maintaining their heritage and welcoming growth and expansion.